Do Dishwashers Have Built In Garbage Disposals?

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For homeowners who include a dishwasher in their range of kitchen machinery, the question of how useful they are is a tricky one. They duplicate the ability to wash dishes and clean cutlery, just as any chef is able to do for themselves. However, some dishwashers also double as minor waste disposal units too.

Where a traditional garbage disposal works with the existing sink to help grind excess food produce down efficiently, a disposal from a dishwasher works as an independent unit. Not being a dedicated disposal expressly designed and manufactured for that purpose, the ones included almost as an afterthought to commercial and residential dishwashers aren’t anywhere close to as robust as dedicated models.

Keeping Drain Pipes Clear of Blockages Is Important

Drain pipes see all sorts of waste products flowing through them. With a proper garbage disposal system, waste is torn through using sharper blades and other system efficiencies that don’t allow for large waste to fit through the disposal and eventually reach the drainage pipes, blocking them up. Keeping drain pipes clear is important to avoid the prevention of the ongoing use of the kitchen sink for cleaning dishes and easily getting rid of food remnants too.

With the lesser disposals built into some dishwasher models, there is a greater risk of waste not being cut up into small enough pieces to avoid such a blockage. Simply put, dedicated waste disposal units offer better results which save on the costly inconvenience of having to remove a drain blockage with a drain snake, or to pay a worker to come in to perform the task themselves.

Grease Is Even Worse

Grease is certainly the bane of drain pipes. Over time, they line the interior of the plastic piping and eventually prevent the natural passing of waste materials through the pipes.

While it is possible that grease from plates and dishes can drip down and dishes into the sink, through the under the sink disposal system, to the drain pipes; it’s uncommon. However, with dishwashers, this is commonly the case and is often the cause of unexpected blockages.

Dishwashers with Disposal Systems Are Loud

Dishwashers with built-in disposals aren’t the full-blown system that one finds in a sink-based garbage disposal. The grinding that’s possible using the blades present in a dishwasher isn’t as large or efficient as the below the sink variety. Cut up food isn’t sliced as small and is more likely to create pipe blockages.

Due to the inefficiencies, the dishwasher’s disposal systems tend to be noisier. The motor driving the movement of the blades isn’t as powerful as the types installed in a dedicated disposal system. The lower horsepower capability of the types of disposal motors installed inside dishwashers with disposal features, affects its grinding ability significantly, particularly with tougher produce that doesn’t cut up as easily.

Dishwasher Brands with Food Disposal Units

When looking at the popular dishwasher brands, it is the largest brands that tend to include waste disposers. Top models from GE, KitchenAid, and Whirlpool are the most common ones that include disposal systems as part of the package.

The economy dishwasher models either have no disposal unit built into them, or the system is a low-quality one with cheap components that are more likely to fail than either larger dishwashers or dedicated garbage disposal sink systems.if you looking best garbage disposal unit must check for best quality disposal.

American Dishwasher Models Differ from European Ones

European models from the same or other manufacturers take a different approach entirely. Rather than including noisier garbage disposal systems inside the dishwasher unit, they avoid this option. Instead, European models add a filtration package. A higher water temperature is utilized during the spray and wash process that breaks food particles away from the china and cutlery more efficiently, which the finer filtration system collects before they wash into the drainage pipes.

Some American manufacturers are beginning to see the benefits of this approach too, with models appearing with a distinctly European spin to them where the focus is on washing dishes, not adding a disposal system too.

Whether adding a disposal system to a dishwasher or with the European design approach, the separation of the disposal system from the dishwasher is the recommended method for best results.



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