KitchenAid Garbage Disposals | Our Buyer’s Guide

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KitchenAid started as a brand in 1919, introduced by the Hobart Corporation, as the H-5 food mixer. The new product created its own category with other homeware companies following suit. As the company expanded, they offered washing machines and later other consumer items too. As such, the brand is historic and trusted by consumers who are familiar with it.

Here we look at five different KitchenAid garbage disposal units. Most are continuous feed, but at least one is the batch feed type. The models range widely in the amount of horsepower delivered from its motor to cut efficiently thought waste products. The speed of the blades and other features may vary from model to model. The major differences in models are the stainless-steel parts used more in the expensive models, how many stages are used for grinding and its volume capability for waste.

Top 5 Kitchen Aid Garbage Disposal Reviews


Kitchen Aid KCDB250G 1/2 HP Continuous Feed Garbage Disposal

The Kitchen Aid KCDB250G 1/2 HP Continuous Feed Garbage Disposal is a silver colored, stainless steel model for added strength and durability over time. It sports the measurements of 14.6-inches by 7.5-inches by 7.4-inches and weighs 11.45 pounds when unpacked (over 14 pounds in the packaging).kitchen aid garbage disposal

The mechanism of this garbage disposal unit is a continuous feed which once turned on will continue to move the sharp blades to cut through any food waste dropped into the entrance.

The half horsepower motor powers it to 1,725 RPM, so the blades are sharp and move at an alarming speed to slice through any food waste in its path.

The model is electrically powered, so it is easy to turn it off when not in use for safety reasons, to save on electricity and to not wear out the components including the engine itself.

Installation time is usually around 20-25 minutes depending on your experience as a plumber for your home. Alternatively, you can hire with the help to complete the installation.


KitchenAid Continuous Feed Garbage Disposal

The KitchenAid Continuous Feed Garbage Disposal is the next unit up with a ¾ horsepower motor powering the efficient cutting system. Both the SoundSeal and MultiGrind technologies from KitchenAid are utilized here.

The speed that the ¾ horsepower motor produces is the identical 1,725 rpm that the previously reviewed half horsepower motor delivers. However, it could be a quieter unit during operation because of the SoundSeal technology employed.kitchenaid superba garbage disposal

There are two stages used for the feed and grinding process which helps to create chambers to avoid sound emanations. The disposal is a 40-ounce model, so it’s certainly capable of handling a larger amount of food waste fed through it at the same time without jamming up under most circumstances.

The model doesn’t handle hard stems and other tougher items, as well as one, might sometimes expect. A little care must be used with what is fed through it to avoid creating unexpected issues.

The product is the mid-point between a half horsepower model and a full one horsepower model capable of grinding more effectively as either a batch feed or continuous feed garbage disposal unit.


KitchenAid KCDI075B 3/4 hp Continuous Feed Food Waste Disposer, Red

The KitchenAid Continuous Feed Food Waste Disposer offers a ¾ horsepower model which rotates for effective grinding at 1,725 rpm. It’s stainless steel with a red trim near the top.

The design incorporates a shredder ring which is made using stainless steel. The grinding wheel is also stainless steel to collectively provide added durability for the long life of this machine. As such, this model is better for families that expect to have a lot of waste or who wish to spend a little more to get a unit that won’t need replacing as often.kitchenaid imperial garbage disposal

The continuous feed process just needs the garbage disposal to be turned on, and then the motor will create the rotation effect that eventually reaches up to 1,725 rpm. Turning off the power switch turns the machine back off again, but time is needed for the grinding process to end and the motor to stop entirely.

The chamber this time is a large 50-ounce version. There is a protection system when hooking the disposal up to a dishwasher that cuts the connection when it senses an overload issue. This prevents a problem occurring that could potentially cause the engine to burn out. The manual reset button is then used to resolve the issue.

A 5-year limited warranty is provided to cover long-term use.


KitchenAid KBDS100T 1 hp Batch Feed Food Waste Disposer, Silver

The KitchenAid 1 hp Batch Feed Food Waste Disposer is a larger model that offers a full 1 horsepower motor. The sink disposal unit still has the same 1,725 rpm to grind through produce though.

The batch feed model only functions when feeding food waste into the unit. It has a cover to protect from accidental

KitchenAid KBDS100T 1 hp Batch Feed Food Waste Disposer, Silver reviewsactivation. The process is therefore different from continuous feed were flicking the power switch automatically turns on the motor and starts the grinding process. With batch feed, larger amounts of food waste can be processed on an ad hoc basis without needing to constantly go over to turn the garbage disposal on or off.

There is a three-stage grinding process with this model too. The SoundSeal technology is still there as well, so it is quieter than other two-stage models. Items are grinding up several times to make them smaller and get through harder food waste.

There is also a special jamming sensor that alerts the user to when a jam is developing inside the machine. This helps to access it sooner before the jam is more difficult to rectify.

It’s designed in silver, red and black.


KitchenAid KCDS100T 1 hp Continuous Feed Food Waste Disposer

The KitchenAid KCDS100T 1 hp Continuous Feed Food Waste Disposer is a model for people who want a garbage disposal that is powerful and runs automatically once it’s turned on.KitchenAid KCDS100T 1 hp Continuous Feed Food Waste Disposer reviews

The continuous feed runs with the powerful one horsepower motor that achieves 1,725 rpm. There is a SoundSeal technology implementation through three stages to reduce the amount of sound that comes from the grinding process. The multiple grinding is also useful to get through tougher produce effectively.

The model is ideal for families who don’t want batch feed but who have a great deal of food waste to get through. The three-stage grinding process is certainly more effective to leave fewer hard items left afterward.


Final word’s – Choosing a waste disposal unit is made easier with KitchenAid because of all the model’s presented offer several features that become familiar when looking over the choices.

Stainless steel parts are used more in the pricier models to ensure they’ll hold up over 5 years or more. The volume capacity is also a little greater, but this doesn’t make too much difference really. The number of stages of the grinding system does cut up food waste into tinier parts ready for disposal. The multiple sound chambers also offer better control of the grinding sound than cheaper models deliver into the kitchen which for families spending time in the kitchen after their meal might find annoying otherwise.

You don’t get a faster rpm on the motor with a more powerful one. It’s simply better able to handle greater loads more easily. The added power of a ¾ or one horsepower motor powers three stages instead of two for multiple passes to grind waste more effectively. Larger families will suit the more powerful models better, but smaller families might find the half or ¾ horsepower models to be enough for them.

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